Painting and Decorating from a Professional Property Maintenance Company in Billericay | Preparing to Rent Your Property

Based in Billericay, Available Property Services is a leading property maintenance company in the local area. Our core services include the following:

  • General Home Maintenance

  • Commercial Painting and

  • New Bathrooms

  • New Kitchens

  • Media Wall Installations

While these services are mainly targeted at domestic customers, our team also works with local councils, estate agents and landlords. Whether it’s new bathroom installations, kitchen installations, media walls or our house painting services, we perform essential repairs and upgrades between the end and beginning of tenancy periods. If you are considering becoming a residential landlord, you need to prepare your property before you let it out to tenants. After all, a first impression counts for a lot in the property market, especially for tenants who intend to rent from you for an extended period. Here, we will cover some important issues for all residential landlords to address so that they can establish a good relationship with prospective tenants.

De-personalised Décor and Complete Vital Maintenance

When letting your Billericay property, it makes sense to have neutral and plain décor. This is so that tenants can personalise the house to their preferences within reason and make themselves feel more welcome. It also helps you notice any changes to the interior when doing the inventory in between tenancies. Additionally, the period before a tenant moves in is the ideal time to carry out any painting and decorating or other house maintenance services, such as fixing broken windows and doors or resolving damp issues. You may even consider installing media walls to increase the rent price you charge. After all, it’s hard to deny the value a media wall installation brings to someone’s enjoyment of a home.


Thorough Cleaning

Speaking of damp, it helps to thoroughly clean before you let your property, either by yourself or a professional cleaner. As an experienced property maintenance company, we know that this can improve the condition of your property, reducing the effects of mould and damp and ensuring high standards for cleanliness are set with prospective tenants.

Check Plumbing and Appliance Performance

When a tenant agrees to rent a property, it’s obvious that they expect all the appliances and features of it to work as they’re supposed to. No one would want to move into a new home and find faults with the plumbing, heating and electrical appliances. Ensure everything meets current safety standards by arranging for energy performance and gas safety certificates and other tests to be completed. One way to ensure everything is up to scratch is to have a new kitchen or new bathroom installed. Available Property Services is on hand for all bathroom installations and kitchen installations should you be interested in upgrading these areas of your property.

Additional Support

There are a few additional things you can do to prepare your property to be rented. These include the following:

  • Tidy Your Garden

  • Furnish Your Property

  • Provide Key Property Information
    to Your Tenant

  • Cut Spare Keys

  • Arrange for Landlords Insurance

If you wish for us to elaborate on any of these points, please call us on 07947 218683.

Remember, as a knowledgeable property maintenance company in Billericay, Available Property Services is here to help. We carry out all painting and decorating, bathroom installations, kitchen installations and construction of media walls to prepare properties for letting.

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